Beach Street Graffiti Festival Greece

Beach Street festival starts from an idea to gather friends from all over Europe in a graffiti meeting, to make holidays, have good time with live music and paint a huge abandonned Hotel, that exists in Vatera Beach, in Lesbos Island, Greece. After a few months of planning and working, this group of friends realised that, because of the crisis, a lot of events, festivals and concerts that usually take place in Greece will not happen. So the idea of the graffiti meeting, start to change and transformed to a small nice and friendly Music and Graffiti festival, where more people can participate and enjoy.

In order that everyone can come and enjoy this four days of graffiti and music, the entrance and the camping will be free. A lot of people, inhabitants from Lesbos and volunteers from all over, put their energy together to make this possible, despite the economical crisis.

Finally the goal of Beach Street festival is to have good time, to rest under the sun in front of the sea, with nice people, cocktails, drinks, good food, full of DJs and Live concerts and to make alive and colorful the abandoned grey giant, that sleeps on Vatera Beach!


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