Battle of Waterloo 2015 – Photos

This year, 40 artists competed in the London Leake Street tunnel to win £250 cash and this years event was even bigger and better than years gone! Loads of paint, food & music for what is set to be the biggest and best paint jam in the UK! The line up for this year included graffiti artists such as Slam, Pow, Curly, Debug, Zuse, Kaes, 2Rise and many more! Each artist got paint to create their best piece and was judged on the following 5 categories; Letter style, character, background, fill-in and concept. Artists could gain up to 5 points per category and the artist at the end with the most points was the winner. There was also a prize for second and third place. The event was supported by MOLOTOW and FLAME PAINT! Checkout photos of the event after the jump!

Photos: LDN Graffiti’ & ‘Justanenigma’


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