BACKJUMPS 20+1 Review

Backjumps 20+1 opened the doors to their newest exhibition in Berlin, it includes many pictures and files from the Backjumps’ archive as well as some fascinating artworks, live performances and surprises. Check out a few impressions and works by Markus Butkereit, Zasd, Mode2, Peter Michalski, Delta, Kacao77, Poet & Arunski, Brad Downey, JayOne, Skki and many more! For the ones that missed it, the exhibition is open to visit until the 2nd of August 2015

n their 21 years, driven by their love for street art, Backjumps has developed a lot as an organization. This process was described in a Berlin inspired graph, which could be seen right by the entrance of the exhibition and showed all important milestones in the history of Backjumps. Moreover, in the exhibition there was a whole room full of materials from their archive. Intricate collages of photos, letters, drawings and other memorabilia were hanging on the walls, presented was a collection of t-shirts the organization used to make and a video archive.

Backjumps has worked with a variety of street artists and this could be seen in the exhibition. The space was full with a variety of works from installations and drawings to paintings, videos, photographs and collages, each with their own style and place within the term of street art.

Jay One has been with Backjumps since the very beginning and in the Backjumps 20+ 1 exhibition he was presenting a three-piece installation, which has a strong relation to nature and re-using found objects. His artworks were inspired by music and more specifically the title song of Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Rock, which is a very important song in the course of music history. Planet Rock’s lyrics are highly applicable and valid for the society today and hold a message of love and unity.

In his artworks at Backjumps 20+ 1 you can see the use of three important colours – red for blood, black for skin and green for land, which can be seen on the Afro liberation flag and signify this movement. His artworks do not focus on the very distant past, but rather represent the 60s, 70s and 80s periods which he knows well from personal experience, as well as combining different styles and cultures, much like Afrika Bambaataa do in their music.

is official partner of Backjumps 20+1.

Thanks to Iva Kanova (Artconnect) and Adrian Nabi (Backjumps.info)




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