Austrian based artist TOFA’s new series “CONVERSION” combining digital and analog technologies

The German born and Austrian based mixed media artist TOFA sent in some photos and a video of his new series “CONVERSION“. The series deals with digital and analog technologies and has a very interesting artistic approach!

TOFA transformes 3D visualizations into 2D typographies and fine art illustrations. He started his project when he found some sketches of cloned lines in his old 3D animation projects – he fell in love with the outcome when he duplicated and turned the lines and shadows over and over again. After realizing that the animation was gone as soon as the device was switched off, TOFA tried to figure out a way to transform the digital wipeout into a lasting analog artwork.

TOFA begun with converting photoshop screenshot renderings into letters – he made them vector graphics which he then sent to his penplotter. This method titles the whole series “CONVERSION”.

The result of the project was a whole alphabet. It took about 10 days and was realized with the MOLOTOW BLACKLINERS, the MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME and ONE4ALL markers.

Make sure you see the whole “CONVERSION” series in the video and check out the vernissage “Conversion” at the “Lichtbogen334” gallery in Vienna starting from the 12th of March!


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