Graffiti Artist ASPIR JHF from Mexiko was mentioned earlier here related to a wall he painted with ROMEO & MEGA in Holland and here within the Event Report of the Proljetno Prasenje Jam Zagreb (Croatia). That wall has been part of a Trip from the United States to Europe across many countries so he sent in more footage of his Graffiti tour. With photos from Germany, Croatia, Italy, Holland and many more.

“I started in the desert of Phoenix, las vegas and some in LA, after that I went to Eurore, when the perfect weather is for me, I painted with great artist in amazing places like tunnels, flood channels, rooftops, train tracks, cars, festivals, blackbooks, next to crazy insects and more, but the most important thing was that I painted with the amazing MOLOTOW PREMIUM, is magic for me!”

Thank you ASPIR, appreciated! Please find the report after the jump!



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