We’ve posted news about numerous bus paintings in Norway several times, so you might be aware of our partners ASKER FARVEHANDEL. After so many years of working together and cooperations it was about time to invite the man behind this project to our headquarters. Thomas runs the company and is an artist himself, well connected in the world of Graffiti. Every year he and his team hosts international Graffiti Artists such as MADC, CANTWO, SOFLES, SLIDER any many more to paint wonderful and always nicely themed productions on Busses. Check out more about it in this interview with Thomas.

A few weeks ago Thomas and Borge Brekke – another artist we work together with since a long time and part of the ASKER FARVEHANDEL team – traveled from Norway to our HQ to paint the entire MOLOTOW TRAIN celebrating our partnership! Here is the result, enjoy the video and photos below!