ARCH & HOME features Régis Sénèque a.k.a. R CREATION

Here is the latest project by Paris based artist Régis Sénèque a.k.a. R CREATION for Arch&Home! The artist was featured here before and works with several MOLOTOW Products such as the Empty Markers and MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint.
"As a designer and mural artist who created by R, Régis Sénèque’s artistic approach is a path that is built in relation to others. Deeply empathetic, Regis is a sensitive and open-minded being who is not afraid of creating four-handed designs. First and foremost, as a plastic artist, hazard and adaptation are at the heart of his creative process. "Any matter that surrounds us is a potential work of art, ready to be enhanced," he says. This approach, applied to Decorative Arts, and inspired by Contemporary Art and Street Art, gave birth to by R and his projects, in which Régis expresses on walls, whether visible or hidden, the history of a place or the sensitivity of its occupants. His preferred tool is a marker : it has the spontaneity sought by the hand. With no possible return, it expresses the emotion of the instant and the talent of these designers who do not need a second try. To achieve this unique creation, the artist grants importance to the first encounter with the owner, the interior designer or the artistic director of the project. Images, objects, and the story that is told are the foundations of this shared creation. The result is an unclassifiable work, always graphic, botanical or mineral, often inspired by Nature. Just like Nature, it develops under the sun, on a wall in public, or indoors. Just like Nature, it will live for a few years, at the choice of its owners, or perhaps forever. Who knows? "




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