ANNA T IRON & XULI x splash! Festival 2015

“There´s probalbly no better sound while working anywhere else: Xuli and me were invited to paint one of the walls the Splash! Creative Camp this year. We painted one of the walls, which had placed all over the festival court. After last year, where the Fake Tat Studio had its premier,- we luckily painted next to the main stage. With the best view, best sound and a entirely sunny day with a lot of lovely people. We freakin´love our job!!! That´s what we said. So it is. Thanks every single person who made us become independent artists. Mad love!”

ANNA T IRON said after painting with XULI at this years splash! Festival one of the Open Air Gallery Walls right next to the main stage. Checkout some photos after the jump

Photos: ANNA T IRON / Facebook


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