Graffiti artist AMIT 2.0 continues his NAMEDROPPING project with another nice exchange work, where he takes the challenge to spray the paint partner´s name and the other way around.

This time the guest is graffiti artist SPUK to spraypaint in Hannover, Germany with MOLOTOW Premium!

Here is the obligatory interview and photos below!

Hello Spuk! How relevant is stylewriting for you?

For me, stylewriting is the essence of graffiti. The abstraction combined with classic 80s old school elements is the most beautiful thing there is. However, I also enjoy the variety of facets in painting. I can do something with almost every area. For example, I’m most interested in train writing.A nice style on steel, that panel edge… gorgeous!

How important is Hannover to you?

For me, Hanover is already a place of identification that will always have a place in my heart, although I’m really rarely there now and I also believe that the scene in Hanover doesn’t necessarily consider me a part of it. For me it all started there in graffiti and back then I inhaled everything that rolled and that was to be found on the lines or the street and above all graphically documented. I see myself as a Hanoverian writer.

Did the new combination of letters go well for you?

Basically, I like every letter, especially the A and M. What I really struggled with, however, was the basic dynamic of the name AMIT. A rather bar-heavy name, which is particularly noticeable by the fact that I and T are next to each other. That drove me a bit crazy with my first drafts and is certainly reflected in the end product. The T steals, in my case, the momentum of the picture. Good is relative.

Your opinion on graffiti and social media?

In my opinion, graffiti in social media is the logical consequence in terms of development. That was already in the offing at that time through Streetfiles.org (RIP at that point) and then primarily went to Tumblr- When Streetfiles was at its peak, all the heads in the scene didn’t think it was that cool either. At least that was my impression. I quickly got the nickname “Streetfiles Spuk” because I presented myself very actively there.

Today, a large part of the scene mourns precisely this ingenious archive from back then and Instagram can’t even begin to get the feeling. Doesn’t matter. I use social media presence primarily to push my name and show pictures that are otherwise in places no one sees. Insta is also incredibly good for making contacts… how many people I’ve already met that I probably would never have met otherwise.

 I think you should keep a little balance between doing and posting. I prefer to collect productions and don’t just put everything on the net. I did that once, but in the end it didn’t make me happy. It’s a lot more satisfying for me to know that I always have some pictures up my sleeve that don’t see the light of day anytime soon or at all.

Thank you very much and see you soon

Insta-Amit: https://www.instagram.com/oliverb_namedropping2.0/





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