Graffiti artist AMIT 2.0 continues his NAMEDROPPING project with another nice exchange work, where he takes the challenge to spray the paint partner´s name and the other way around.

This time with Graffiti artist VOLKER. Here is the photo report and interview after an arduous action!

After long months in lockdown, Amit2.0’s Namedropping project continues. The start is the production with Volker der goldene Reiter (Volker the golden rider) from Paderborn, created at the Kolorcubes Festival in Kassel.


Volker, how long have you been painting?

Even in school I was known as the one who can paint well. It then ran through my childhood and youth. At some point I realized that I wasn’t going to be a skateboarding professional (not even remotely), so that this passion was finally replaced by that of graffiti. In 1998, at the age of 16, after many attempts and lots of trial and error, there was a kind of initial spark. With a buddy who was one of the first to have a car, with which we were mobile, as well as the necessary cans from the local skate shop, things started actively and regularly at least every weekend.


How long have you known the pieces from Amit2.0?

Since I’m a big graffiti fan and have followed the print media for over 20 years, it was impossible for me to get past the name Amit sooner or later. I met Amit in person at the Bürgerpark Gallery 2020.


What does stylewriting in general mean to you?

It’s not about painting pictures as colorful as possible, but about the fact that the style is the trump card.


What do you think of the Namedropping project?

For the reason I think it’s good that as a sprayer you are very much into painting your own name. That’s why I was looking forward to the project all the time. It totally aroused my ambition to paint the name of a buddy and of course to do it in a stylish way. On the other hand, you are of course really excited to see what will happen to your own name and the result will exceed your own expectations by far.


How did you do with painting? How was the process

The special thing was first of all the current, corona-related circumstances. Then the location – to be painted on a scaffolding within a huge studio – was very impressive. After such a long time, the feeling of a Grafftijam finally came back and that was very good.

Thinking back and forth when setting up, shooting the ball back and forth and then at some point came across this representation. The special thing about it is that the pictures are not simply painted next to each other on one level, but on top of each other. However, we immediately agreed on a lot of things, so I perceived the process as working well.


Why do you deal with skulls in your oeuvre?

In my very first blackbook, on the first, inner page there was a photo from the skull phase of the Bielefeld painter Blödt. That caught me immediately and had a lasting impact. The skull was a motif that kept reappearing until, at some point after 20 years, I unconsciously made it my trademark. For me, the skull as a symbol is strong insofar as all people are equal in this respect. That’s why it’s always fun to interpret it like a comic and slightly confused.


What is your favorite beer, btw?

As a Paderborn native, I am obliged to point out that all Paderborn sprayers are sponsored by Paderborn beer. In Paderborn it is also the case that in addition to the hot and cold settings, you can also tap beer at the tap.


Any fun facts left?

They say after me: Volker starts last, speaks the most and is still the first to finish. But here I can only say: We live in a world in which dream and reality are close to one another, in which facts often appear like fantasy structures that we cannot explain to ourselves. Can you distinguish between truth and lies?






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