Graffiti artist AMIT 2.0 continues his NAMEDROPPING project with another nice exchange work, where he takes the challenge to spray the paint partner´s name and the other way around.

This time the guest is graffiti artist SIMBA of ABM crew from Germany.

Together they painted another wall for AMIT´s ongoing exchange project „namedropping“, this time in Osnabrück, Germany. Here is the obligatory interview and photos below:

How did you get into writing?

I’ve noticed Graf since my youngest childhood, all bus stops were scratched, tags on city buses, bus stops destroyed overnight with chrome bombings, motorway feeders and bridges painted with colorful pictures – that totally flashed me right away.

The part of town I grew up in and the surrounding areas where I also spent my childhood outdoors with friends offered some interesting spots to explore – especially a bridge on the railway line was paradise. We played where others painted their “Burner”, as it is called from today’s point of view, and were fascinated without knowing what dist.

A close, older family member made it possible for me to admire and study many of the people whose paintings I admired so much, in black books and on sketches, even without a direct connection. At the same time, I started using scrawl in school. – I couldn’t let it go.

My class teacher naturally noticed the whole thing and decided without further ado to include the subject of graffiti in art class. We thought “cool”, so we drew little pictures – the topic ended in a class conference, including parents and director. My teacher was sure that I was the main player in the autobahn beautification that was being sought at the time. – absurd for an elementary school student.

So for years I practiced on paper, occasionally, as I’ve said so often, my daddy swiped paint cans from the workshop and painted a junction box on the heathen’s ass – rather seldom.

How important is Osnabrück for you?

I often went to Münster with my father when skating was growing. When I first turned onto Dahlweg in the back seat of my parents’ car, I could hardly believe what was going on. Even then, the most blatant pictures were at the Palace.

Over the years, I was increasingly drawn to the center of Osnabrück, where I also went to school. The way was the purest adventure. There were different ways to get to the city and thus also through different parts of the city, in which the “Sprayers” had unmistakably staked out their territories.

Today, unfortunately, hardly any of it can be seen – at that time entire streets were bombed, but also provided with colorful, elaborate pictures.

I would then get to know some of the actors 10-15 years later. – partly it demystified the whole thing.

What significance does the location of our wall have for you in this context?

I went to school very close by, I stopped by the place every day and even worked in the building complex. The area around the university, at the art faculty and the former parking garage has always been worth a detour. A lot was painted here for the inner city area. The passage at the Johanniskirche was a battlefield.

How do you know the images of Amit2.0?

At the age of 15/16 I pursued another hobby and regularly drove to cities like Braunschweig, Bremen, Hamburg or Hanover with the weekend ticket, where I also saw fat PND Burners for the first time without being able to assign them in any way. The stability of the letter was already impressive for me back then. In my memory, the dimensions could even have been pranks, but they were certainly Chromeburner. Funny that it takes 15 more years to get a reference to it.

How was today for you?

After years of my ignorance, we stand on here at 35 degrees and paint our wall with the least possible preparation and the maximum sun on our necks. So well prepared that the cans are not enough for the background and I have to go out again to get supplies. 😀

Even if we didn’t have enough time, it was a great day – for a “quicky” I’m totally satisfied with the result. The basic, constant dissatisfaction never lets you go. Otherwise you wouldn’t keep standing against the wall and trying to challenge yourself.

In that sense, I look forward to seeing you again!






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