Graffiti artist AMIT 2.0 continues his NAMEDROPPING project with another nice exchange work, where he takes the challenge to spray the paint partner´s name and the other way around.

This time with Graffiti artist MALOER. Here is the photo report and interview!

After moving from Hamburg to Osnabrück, Amit2.0 continues his Namedroping-Project. Next to his new home he met “Malör” from the TNC crew in an old barrack area to paint and chat.


How long have you been active?

I’ve been painting since the summer of 1996. I was in a tent camp and there was a youth hostel there. There was a commission from some old-schoolers to paint and I was really flashed. It was the first time that I saw something like this, so I asked them if they would paint my and Bundeswehr backpacks. They did, and then after the camp we went to Bremen with our school holiday tickets because we heard that there was a shop named “Go Bang” there. We bought our first Sparvars and made our first attempts in an old empty building in the village. At the same time we got our hands on the movie “Menace to Society” and of course we felt the same way!


How long have you known the pieces from Amit 2.0 or him personally?

Of course, I’ve known your pieces longer than you personally, but I don’t know if you can still remember them: Back then in the 1988 district class in the E-youth. You were a fantastic defender there and I just couldn’t get past you. Haha!



What does stylewriting mean to you?

Style means further development. Style means allowing mistakes, I’d rather paint ten gambled pieces than always the same thing with different colors. The end of the search would mean standstill for me.




How did you prepare today?

I had a good breakfast and made Bach flower tea in my thermos. I came to Osnabrück relaxed to rock the wall with you. It was actually relatively spontaneous, but of course I sketched your name a bit beforehand, but actually I always go freestyle in this kind of thing. Otherwise, it would be boring. If I just copied the finished design on the wall. The letter combination itself was easy because your name and my work have a lot of the same letters.



What is your opinion on graffiti and social media?

It is both a curse and a blessing. You can now paint heavy pieces of garage door in every village and you can reach a lot of people. The disadvantage is that it can no longer be assigned geographically and certain styles stood for the corresponding region. But of course that doesn’t exist nowadays, but if you don’t keep up with the times, you have to keep up with the times.






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