Two weeks ago Graffiti artist Amit2.0 spent some days in Düsseldorf for a new episode of his Namedropping project. This time he changed names with a representative of the first German graffiti generation, Magic!

Thanks for taking time! How long have you been painting? 

The first contact I had with New York graffiti or Subway Art was through the Malcolm McLaren record Buffalo Gals and the video for it, that must have been around 83. Then there was the Wild Style time, the thing ran on TV, a phase that only consisted of tagging and sketching. With the getting up and subway art, things got more serious and I tried to paint the first pictures. 

How relevant is style writing for you? 

That’s why I do it, that’s me, style writer. 

What do you think of the namedropping project? 

I like it. Basically, painting other names is fun. Also, basically what I like about graffiti writing is the social component of painting together.  

How was the process today? 

I would say we were fine… weather was nice, music was nice, the sprayers were nice too… Strong! 

Since when do you know the pieces of Amit2.0? 

I can’t say that consciously, but it’s been a while. Really brought into consciousness again by your black and white phase. 

What do you think when you see the finished wall and your name “by someone else’s hand”? 

I like seeing other Magic solutions. 

Your favorite picture from the attached selection and why? 

Wiesbaden 99 has become quite good. 

Imagine you take a journey back in time to NY in the 80s. Which of the writers would you most like to paint with? 

With anyone who’s into Subway Art and of course (quite boring), Dondi. 

Anything to add? 


Thank you very much. it was a pleasure!


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