AMIT continues the NAMEDROPPING project with TIER ONE

Graffiti artist AMIT 2.0 continues his NAMEDROPPING project in Osnabrück, Germany to do another nice style exchange. This time with Graffiti artist TIER. Since they painted a very unusual spot for this round, using MOLOTOW PREMIUM all the way, we decided to interview both, not just to learn a bit more about the place but also the project! Check out a few pieces by TIER and the style exchange with AMIT 2.0 below!

MOLOTOW: We are in the middle of a suburb of single-family houses in a prime location – there are almost no tags here. How did this place come to be?

AMIT: My goal is always to create new areas for my actions. I currently live here around the corner with my family, therefor I was able to convince the owner of this house of the necessity of an “urban intervention in graffiti style”.

MOLOTOW: How did your cooperation in the namedropping project come to happen?

TIER: I have followed the project from the beginning and I am super proud to be part of it.

MOLOTOW: You didn’t know each other before? 

TIER: Yes, that’s true. But I’ve known Amit’s pictures since about 2010/11. At least after I got a better overview of the national and international scene through magazines or streetfiles.

AMIT: I know the Pieces of “Tier” from Instagram, and I’ve always wanted to paint with him. Tier creates letters to my taste, New York flavor, with just the right amount of reduced graphic elements. After I organized the wall here in Osnabrück, it was clear to me that I wanted to share it with him. Herford isn’t far away.
MOLOTOW: How did you prepare for today?

TIER: In fact, almost embarrassingly well. In order to get warm with the letter combination, I first scribbled 2 sheets of paper. Then I projected the final sketch for the special occasion on the iPad, even with a color scheme, so that I didn’t have to leave anything to chance in case of a bad day (haha).

AMIT: As usual, I had drawn a little and developed two or three ideas. On the wall it turned out differently as actually usual. That’s probably due to the special format, because we both had to work on ladders all the time, which is not necessarily my personal favorite hobby.

MOLOTOW: Did the “new” letter combination go well for you?

TIER: I think so! I paint “I” and “T” more often, the “A” and the “M” less, but this change does also good!  Especially the letter “A” I find retrospectively super!

Amit: Same here. I especially like graffiti names that have power letters at the end. The “R” at the end can be phased out in a nice, spacious way.

MOLOTOW: What was the painting like?

TIER: It was really fun! We got to know each other on the spot and got along really well. The weather played along, the spot was very delicate despite the ladder, and then there was vegetarian lasagne! More is hardly possible!

AMIT: Just what “Tier” says. In addition, a few enthusiastic seniors came by occasionally. They involved us in friendly conversations, so that the day flew by. Today was a great!

MOLOTOW: What do you think when you see your names painted “from others hand”?

TIER: I find it super refreshing! Amit has painted a super fresh Tier! 
On the one hand, I like the way he composed the letters, especially the “T” and its connection to the “E”. On the other hand, I feel very honored that someone like Amit2.0, who has lots of experience and knowledge about graffiti and all that goes with it, sprayed my name in his style and I was able to paint his. 
The wall seems very balanced to me, and blends well into the rather unique scenery. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it.

AMIT: I find the piece by Tier very successful. The colors are well used and my favorite letter is the “T”. It takes up an excessive amount of space and looks as stable as a tank. For me one of the five favorites from over sixty namedropping walls in the last years. Since I regularly come here with my family, I will be very happy in the next weeks. Thanks to Tier, I hope we will survive the current crisis and meet again soon.

MOLOTOW: Thanks!


AMIT 2.0 https://www.instagram.com/amit2.0_namedropping/

TIER https://www.instagram.com/tier.one/ 




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