AMIT continues the NAMEDROPPING project with graffiti artist ROOKIE

Graffiti artist AMIT 2.0 continues his NAMEDROPPING project with another nice style exchange. This time with Graffiti artist ROOKIE. After the Interview with AMIT and TIER from the previous round here is another one to discuss the exchange a bit more in depth: 

Amit, why did you choose Rookie for a wall as part of your project?

Amit: Rookie is a good friend of mine, but we hadn’t been able to realize a namedropping wall together yet.  He has been involved in namedropping productions, for example with the Overdoze Crew or Sex God Futo, but (quite wrongly!) he was not the focus of the work.

A special feature is that Rookie specializes in figures, but my project focuses more on letters and their countless variations.  Fortunately, we finally found some time to plan and to lastly realize it. The fact that the production now adorns the garden of my wife’s former flute teacher is, of course particularly appealing.

When did you guys start working together anyway?

Rookie: In 2006 we painted together with Lord Scan and others by chance at the Hawerkamp in Münster. Before that I didn’t even know the pieces of Amit. But I had the PND Crew pieces from that time all the more on my list. Since then we know and appreciate each other.

Of course I’ve been following the namedropping project for quite a while now and as I said before, I’ve been involved in a few productions. I think the approach is great, because the protagonists are always forced to do something different and to exchange ideas. Basically this is an approach that suits Amit the networker very well.

How did you prepare for today?

Rookie: We had already determined the rather unusual spot with all its nooks and crannies before. Based on the photo I only thought that it would be quite ambitious to place two styles and maybe also a character in such a small space. That’s why I sketched two or three ideas, which we discussed together at the wall and transformed accordingly.

That’s what I love about painting: to exchange ideas at the spot, to let the room take effect on you and to work with it. We consciously incorporated as much of the original wall as possible. Hopefully you can still see that the glass blocks in the hairstyle of the monkey standing in the centre of the wall, are unpainted.

How about you Amit, how did you feel with Rookie’s letters?

Amit: I didn’t have as much time to sketch before as usual and accordingly there was a great level of respect for today. I don’t get the chance to work at a special location with an expert like Rookie that often.

And in addition I hadn’t painted a style with two Os next to each other before. But I’m satisfied with the result of the lettering and really happy about the overall result.

As character master – how important is stylewriting to you at all?

Rookie: I always like it when people draw my name. Amit has of course solved the challenge of quite little space in a smart way. After all there were six letters to accommodate on about 3m – very well done!

Basically I would like to say that I am no longer a stylewriter in that sense. I have developed my own typography, which I use in my work and which fits to it. But many people probably don’t know that I started with classic styles.  After I was able to express myself better and better about character painting, the importance of style writing for my kind of art naturally decreased. Nevertheless I like to look at good styles e.g. look for skillful strokes and new connections.

While painting today I had the feeling that the four letters of Amit are quite grateful, because they contain a lot of potential for wild and swinging styles.

What thoughts do you have leaving the scene today?

Rookie: It was generally nice to meet again. We get into talking about various topics very quickly: news, old stories, stupid talk.

Right now everything is dominated by the challenges caused by the pandemic of course, which is why we did not come closer than 1.5 meters – even though we were very responsible. Nevertheless the day went by in no time and it has been so nice to leave Corona outside this garden. This way we had a relaxed exchange of ideas and could concentrate on the togetherness! That’s how it has to be and the final product is even worth seeing!

Amit: Great day with great guys. After two weeks of Corona-related restrictions, it really felt good to finally have contact with a familiar person again!

AMIT 2.0 https://www.instagram.com/amit2.0_namedropping/

ROOKIE: https://www.instagram.com/rookie_the_weird_/ | http://www.robertmatzke.de




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