Spanish Illustrator and Cartoon Artist ALEX GALLEGO (Instagram) just sent in a great product feedback about the MOLOTOW BLACKLINER while drawing a veery special artwork. here is what he has to say about it:

“I´m a professional illustrator but the public  know more for my work in cartoon, which I have published in the Spanish’s press. Recently I had the pleasure work with Molotow tools at Ficomic Barcelona 2019 and the truth is that I was quite impressed. I usually work with two techniques: digital and original (ink on paper). I have always used tip pens from various brands and well … not all of them give the same result. I was very surprised by the quality of the Blackliners. They caught my attention immediately. I started using Blackliner on  BRISTOL paper 250 grams for “comic” and the results are excelent. I have the habit to draw very fast strokes and very solid line, the blackliners keep the density of the ink throughout the plot no matter how fast you do the stroke. Is awesome! I also like the fact that the ink is archival, permanent and ecological. Now that I work with Bristol paper, what interests me is that my originals last “forever”.

In this way, whoever purchases my pieces can know with certainty that neither the paper will turn yellow nor the ink vanish. The price is really atractive for artist. The satirical illustration of Game of Thrones has been the first great work I do with these markers. Black ink is done by Molotow Blackliner then the colors are digital.”

Check out some photos and a video below!


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