„Above The Law: Graffiti on Passenger Trains“ x Book

„Above The Law: Graffiti on Passenger Trains“ is the definitive book about graffiti on passenger trains over the past 10 years. The third book by photographer Phil America captures the lives and work of some of the most well-known graffiti artists across the globe in over 40 different cities. Containing 225 pages of photos taken in metropolitan cities all around the world, Phil America immersed himself into this culture and documented it over the course of ten years. In these never before seen photos, we are taken into a dangerous and private world that most are unable to ever witness: deep into subway tunnels, over fences, under surveillance cameras and behind sensors. Each photograph captures a moment of freedom. A portion of all sales from „Above the Law Volume I“ goes to the Campaign for Youth Justice, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to ending the practice of trying, sentencing, and incarcerating children under age 18 in the adult justice system. For a preview and more information about the book and other projects they are doing such as jewelry with hidden handcuff keys and more, visit the publishers website NoFlags.com.


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