A Watercolor Painting test with the AQUA COLOR BRUSH

Since the launch of our latest product release last month, the AQUA COLOR BRUSH Marker, we received plenty of positive feedback in terms of how well the Blending and Watercolor painting effect looks after using this product the right way.
Here is one first example of a product feedback following up on a few more within the next days.
In this feedback by Handlettering artist DOROTHEA (Zaubereienlaecheln.de) from Germany you can see how the BLACKLINER Brush Marker works in combination with the AQUA COLOR BRUSH Marker. While testing the products in terms of flow and blending effects, she also created paper cards with a great watercolor look, since the color intense AQUA COLOR BRUSH ink is dilutable with water! This fact makes the marker a very unique drawing experience!
Below you can find some photos, here on Instagram you can watch a video and a step by step blog entry by the artist check out here!


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