3 fresh new pieces by FORK4 from Budapest!

Here are 3 fresh new pieces by Hungarian graffiti artist FORK4 painted in the Budapest autumn with MOLOTOW Spray Paints! The second one titled  “Liquid Words” and is described by the artist here:

“When im painted the new look of Molotow Budapest, inspired by a quick rain and do my idea in bigger size.Play with some chrome effect combined by the rain drips in the final animation.I had a strange idea from a long time in video, i would like to make a reverse video of dripping and painting, paint back bacground etc. this concept was perfect to made a great video with my friend Paul Corfield. Used some nice colours like FLAME Spraypaint browns, coversall shock blue and MOLOTOW PREMIUM sapphire, cadmium yellow for reflections and anthracite tones for the greys.”

We also added a video on this one shot and edited by the artist himself! Check it out below!


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