20 Years splash! Festival Wall

This years splash! Festival in Germany celebrated it´s 20th anniversary on 4 days of HipHop and Graffiti with more than 25.000 visitors. The splash! Creative Camp again brought together one fresh line up of artists to paint a birthday wall for the festival. The wall was painted by SLIDER who created the concept for the 20 years splash! Festival wall, plus CANTWO, TASSO, RICO79, TASK, TASSO, OMSK167, TWEET, TONES and INSANE51 from Greece. Checkout the wall below! We will follow up on this within the next days and a full report on the festival´s Creative Camp and a great train station installation as well as a Mural Gallery with works by BOOGIE, HERAKUT, MR.CENZ and GHETTO FEVER.


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